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When you ask satisfied owners of modular buildings what aspects of these structures they appreciate the most, their answers are clear. These buildings are unrivaled in their mobility and ability to save the owner's money and time, as well as the environment. Some low-energy houses offer significant energy savings in comparison to traditional buildings. This is due, in particular, to the application of economical and environmentally friendly heating systems and the installation of efficient wall, roof and floor thermal insulation to minimize thermal bridging.

Have you always been dreaming of having a house built exactly according to your wishes?

Well, modular homes can make your dreams come true. Their great variability makes them the number 1 choice of even the most demanding customers. Modular homes provide ideal space for your business needs and their scope of application is wide, allowing for utilization in the realm of education or in retirement and modern housing development.The modules will satisfy even the most demanding clients

The facade can be either futuristic or natural

Let's start with the facade, for example. You can choose from a wide range of siding materials featuring different properties. While some people prefer ultramodern, futuristic siding, giving the structure a sci-fi edge, others choose more modest, natural materials to make the house blend in with the surrounding environment. The possibilities are virtually limitless. It all depends on the architect's ability to take the client's ideas and transform them into a house that is in harmony with its surroundings.

Your house can come with a huge glass wall

The house design can be varied further even after the external finish has been selected. Windows and doors also play an important role in the final look of the building. Their spacing and size are completely up to you. Modular homes can be outfitted with small windows as well as enormous glass walls to let in a maximum amount of sunlight.

Wide selection of interior designs

Again, you yourself can choose the design that suits you best. Standard modular house interiors include a bathroom, kitchen, office space, as well as living quarters. You will be given a free reign in choosing the ideal interior. Interior tiling and flooring can come in many shapes. Would you like ceramic tiles in the bathroom and a cement floor in the office? No problem. The unique appearance of the entire space could be perhaps further enhanced by a wood-burning stove. The tiling and flooring materials commonly used in conventional buildings can be readily utilized for modular construction.

Realization of your modular home should be overseen by professionals.

To ensure high quality, you should seek the services of an experienced and reputable company. The house will be manufactured within a few months of placing your order. The time-frame for the construction phase is virtually a couple of days. Choose a modular house for your new restaurant or office space, which will help you save time and money and spare you of a headache in the process. 

Kindergartens of the modules M3

Kindergartens offer a quick solution to school/kindergarten space. Parameters of thermal insulation are in compliance with the characteristics of low-energy buildings, as well as triple-glazed doors and windows. You can choose the type of heating, depending on the available media or your preferences. Modular construction allows the same types of heating as standard building. Compliance with the parameters of low-energy buildings

The building from low-energy modules M3, you can buy or lease. Take advantages of modular buildings, which save costs, compared with traditional construction methods you willsave up to 30% of your costs. Another advantage is quickness, both in purchase and posibilyty of immediate occupancy, you do not wait until the building dries out, as it is in the case of standard construction and wet processes. The building can be expand during use, but also can be diminished, by the adding or removing modules. Modular construction makes use of modules taken on a new site, or you can sell them with no ties to the land.

Administrative Buildings

Administrative buildings offer a quick solution to office space. You can either buy or lease them for a longer time or buy-out them back. Administrative buildings  have high levels of processing, with emphasis on detail. Modules for lease are equipped with removable glass walls and a utility room, where is the recovery unit. The heating in the low-energy modular office is standardly solved by the heat pump, which saves investor´s operating costs. Compliance with the parameters of low-energy buildings saves operating costs of the building made from these modules. Take advantages of modular buildings, which save costs, compared with traditional construction methods you will save up to 30% of your costs. 

If you choose the purchase of the classic way, we suit a solution to all your needs. This means the way of heating, wiring system, process layout, etc.


Choose an external finish to your liking

If you think that container houses are practical and economical but nonetheless unsightly, let us prove you wrong. The types of facade designs which can be applied to modular buildings or residential containers are numberless, ranging from futuristic or conventional patterns to natural motives which allow the structure to blend in with the landscape.

Play with the interior, it will not drain your resources

In terms of residential container interiors, you would be very much mistaken to expect an austere shack. The interior can be furnished to your preferences as well. Choose a different theme for each room of the new house if you like.


In addition you can quickly dismantle and move the whole residential container.  All its properties will be preserved, of course. You need not be afraid that the construction will ruin your bank account. Residential containers? The price list by no means contains astronomical sums. Rather to the contrary. You will save hundreds of thousands, or even millions you would have needed to invest into a traditional building. Send us your requirement and we will send you an accurate quote by turn of post.

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Residential and sanitary container, Type C3

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