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Interior of emergency housing for areas stricken with natural disasters.

Portable Cabins, Economic units

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Regardless of whether you plan to build an office, locker room or a storage, portacabins offer the ideal solution. Portacabins are space-saving, easily transportable and provide a surprisingly high level of comfort. These portable buildings are affordable and their installation is time-saving and easy. All your needs will be provided for – a warm and dry shelter that does not leak.

Readily available accommodation for construction workers

Portacabins are designed for a wide variety of purposes. For example, if you are looking for a portable office space or a readily available accommodation for construction workers, then look no further. Choose a design and size that suit your requirements. A qualified staff will also help you furnish the interior. Different types of thermal insulation are available.

Portacabins can be transported anywhere

There certainly is no need to keep your portacabin at one location indefinitely. It can be moved by a crane to any location within a construction site or loaded on a truck and taken elsewhere. You may have been considering buying a portacabin you came across in a newspaper ad, but if you want quality, go to an experienced and reputable company, which can completely furnish the unit and transport it to the required location. 

Portacabins? Your best option is to contact an experienced and reputable company.

We are reaching out to people in need

Our portacabins can be completely disassembled and delivered in parts. Residential and sanitary portacabins can thus be assembled without the use of a crane. This allows us to transport individual sections of our residential and sanitary portacabins in shipping containers to anywhere in the world at reasonable prices. A single twenty-foot shipping container can accommodate sections for up to 8 residential portacabins. By providing EconomicLine portacabins, we are also helping people without shelter in areas of natural disasters or in war zones.


In addition you can quickly dismantle and move the whole residential container.  All its properties will be preserved, of course. You need not be afraid that the construction will ruin your bank account. Residential containers? The price list by no means contains astronomical sums. Rather to the contrary. You will save hundreds of thousands, or even millions you would have needed to invest into a traditional building. Send us your requirement and we will send you an accurate quote by turn of post.

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