Modu­lar bake­ries with a coun­ter for fre­sh baked goods are being put into use more and more frequent­ly for pro­ducti­on and retail sales of pastries, sweet and breads. The con­structi­on of modu­lar buil­dings allows them to be loca­ted near of shop­ping cen­t­res or lar­ge-sca­le pro­ducti­on halls. The majo­ri­ty of these modu­lar bake­ries offer are­as for coun­ter sales, snac­king, and also fre­sh fragrant cof­fee. And more­o­ver, the modu­lar archi­tectu­re is beautiful.

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Bakery Svoboda-Březík

Modu­lar bake­ry con­sists of 3 modules. 

Year of implementation:2014
Klient:Svoboda & Březík
Country of implementation:Czech Republic
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Související reference

2019 |
Kutzer Bakershop in Erbendorf
2017 |
Bakery Kutzer

Modul is not a container

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