With modu­lar shops, the pro­cess of order-to-finished-con­structi­on” is quick. This fact, along with the fact that they can be imme­di­a­te­ly put into ser­vi­ce without wai­ting for con­cre­te to set, as is the case with con­ven­ti­o­nal structu­res, leads pro­gres­si­ve inves­tors to pur­cha­se shops of many vari­e­ties as lar­ge-sca­le modu­les. Knowing that a modu­lar buil­ding can be sold without per­ma­nent ties to a par­cel of land is ano­ther bene­fit of modu­lar con­structi­ons. And more­o­ver, the modu­lar archi­tectu­re is beautiful.


Design showroom

Two-sto­rey design bac­kground with an area of 200 m² con­sis­ting of 11 modu­les of the Stan­dar­d­Li­ne series.

Year of implementation:2012
Country of implementation:Germany
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Související reference

2019 |
Shop for Pro Resale
2019 |
A HOM Skalité Modular Building
2018 |
Grocery in Častolovice

Modul is not a container

Our certificates

Cer­ti­fi­ca­te of Con­stan­cy of Performance
ISO 14001:2015
ETA 150119
Wel­ding cer­ti­fi­ca­te 1090-1
ISO 9001:2015
AQAP 2110