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When browsing web pages, the user’s web browser stores small data files called “cookies”. A cookie is a small text file, which is transferred into the computer at the moment of a user’s visit to a web page. It allows for subsequent analysis of the user’s behaviour during the visit of the web page, determination of the number of visits, and retroactive mapping of open web pages during a visit. The cookie contains basic information about the user’s visit of web pages, e.g. the name of the web pages visited. The contents of the cookie are stored in a separate folder in the user’s computer. By double-clicking on the file, it is possible to obtain further information about the visited web pages, the date and hour of the visit. All data is also available to the administrator of the web pages, which the user visits.

By a modification of the browser settings, the user may ban the use of the cookie files, remove them or define the conditions, under which they may be used. The result then may be that the user cannot utilise the whole functionality of the visited web page. The basic settings of the web browser allow for using cookies and rejecting cookies not originating from the currently viewed web pages. 

The web page administrator may connect the personal data completed by the user in a registration form with the data contained in the cookie. The web page administrator may utilise the information obtained using the cookie separately or in a combination with personal data for the evaluation of the web page utilisation. He may create outputs of web page activities, statistically analyse the data or provide further services connected with the web page use.

By accessing the web page owned by KOMA Modular s.r.o., the visitor agrees with the installation of cookies and also gives consent with the utilisation of personal and other data, which is contained within the cookies or obtained by the processing and integration of this data.


The list of cookie files, which are used at the web page owned by KOMA:

Google Analytics – for customer satisfaction analysis

Leady – for customer satisfaction analysis and E-Bulletin sending.



Cookies allow you to utilise the services provided by us. By utilising our services, you automatically agree with the use of cookies.
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