Utilisation of solar energy on the KOMA premises in Vizovice is just the icing on the cake.

Practice has shown that modular construction is more environment-friendly than the traditional wet construction.  Many people still do not realise these advantages.

Less construction waste 

Modular construction production allows for optimisation of material purchase and use, efficient manufacturing process management and optimised waste generation.  Materials are purchased in bulk, stored in warehouses in a protected theft-proof environment. 

Materials are not exposed to weather effects

Materials are protected against weather effects during the building module manufacture.  As the modular structures are in fact completed in the production process in manufacturing halls using dry production method the structure is dry immediately after completion. 

Less noise and dust on site

As up to 90% of all activities are implemented off site in the manufacturing hall the impact of the construction on the site environment is minimised.  Just 10% of all activities are implemented on site, which greatly reduces construction time and negative effects of construction activities, such as use of building machinery and truck traffic, on the site environment.

Occupational safety

Modular construction is a safer alternative of building activity.  In the course of standard building the construction staff must work under worse than standard conditions, in extreme temperatures, rain, wind etc.  This demanding work environment increases the risk of injury.  On the other hand modular structure manufacture is performed under constant conditions, in manufacturing halls with complete monitoring of compliance with occupational safety conditions, use of personal protective equipment and alcohol control. 


When the needs change the modular houses can be dismantled, moved or adapted to another use.  This feature reduces raw material demand and minimises energy consumption for a new building implementation.  Thus the energy print of modular buildings is minimised. 


Modular structures are often designed for quick extension/reduction of their scope.  This activity minimises further disturbance of the adjacent buildings and surroundings by the required reconstructions.   


The modular KOMA system exclusively consists of materials with maximum recyclability.  At the end of the building life or when it is no longer used it can be completely recycled and the materials may be reused for other purposes.


We are proud to have won the following awards: Company of the Year, Driving Force of Czech Business, Czech Leader, Exporter of the Year, Innovative Company, and Fair Company.



Residential and sanitary container, Type C3

AQAP 2110

Certificate of quality system compliance as required by ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016, ČOS 051672

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