First modular greetings of 2016 from Vizovice

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The end of last year saw KOMA achieve a significant success when it took away a prize in the nationwide Company of the Year 2015 awards. Success also came from the construction of the acclaimed EXPO 2015 pavilion where, thanks to KOMA construction technology, the Czech Republic gained a number of first places. A final triumph can also be found in the fact that the Czech Republic was the first to give back the land on which its pavilion had been built. In so doing, KOMA modular construction demonstrated one of its assets – speed. The Czech Republic was indeed the first of the fifty-five countries which had built their own pavilions. In January 2016, two buildings for homeless families from eastern Ukraine were ceremonially handed over by Vizovice's KOMA Modular and Vienna's KOMA Space near Kiev. This is a pilot project of our own humanitarian programme, KOMA for the WORLD, which the KOMA group has launched in cooperation with the Diaconia of the Evangelical Church of the Czech Brethren and the Ukrainian organisation "Father's House". In the Czech Republic, at the turn of the year 2016 KOMA focused on public autonomy. It has become the general partner of Regionservis, which organises conferences and workshops for representatives of towns and municipalities and has also built a leisure centre in Brno's Medlánky district.


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We are proud to have won the following awards: Company of the Year, Driving Force of Czech Business, Czech Leader, Exporter of the Year, Innovative Company, and Fair Company.


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