E-Bulletin 04/2017

A pleasant spring modular greeting from Vizovice!

We are sending this to all modular architecture and construction enthusiasts – to our customers and fans and also to those who visit our website in order to read our regular KOMA E-Bulletin.

We had a successful kick-off for the year 2017 – the year in which we celebrate 25 years in the market. We have increased our revenues by fifty-fold, tripled the size of our family of employees and quadrupled our productivity. We overcame a downturn in enquiries from the end of the previous year and we now have exciting modular orders in progress, on which you will be continuously updated. In this year marking the first quarter century of our business, we will be putting on more social events including an open house in which you will be able to see firsthand how modular constructions are manufactured. In this E-Bulletin we will revisit the City Modules location on Freedom Square during the Advent season. The interest in City Modules is growing bigger and bigger, so this year you can encounter them at various prestigious cultural and educational events all over the Czech Republic and also abroad. Early this year, we ceremoniously bequeathed an EXPO pavilion model to the National Technical Museum in Prague where it found its place beside noted models of Czech buildings. Further, we launched a Recreational Module onto the market and we applied diffused open walls as the first player in modules. There will even be a presentation of modular objects for undertakings such as the Das WeltAuto used car dealership, and facilities at Automotiv Jihlava. At the end of last year, we adopted a sister company, Dosting, which enlarged our KOMA Group. Dosting specializes in facade systems and opening fillings, so KOMA MODULAR’s supply capabilities have also been enhanced with these systems.

You can follow modular architecture at https://www.facebook.com/modularni.architektura and KOMA at https://www.facebook.com/KOMAmodular. We would be very pleased to have you as a new fan.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to additional interesting projects.


Martin Hart


We are proud to have won the following awards: Company of the Year, Driving Force of Czech Business, Czech Leader, Exporter of the Year, Innovative Company, and Fair Company.


AQAP 2110

Certificate of quality system compliance as required by ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016, ČOS 051672

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