New York Turns to Modular Construction to Solve Housing Needs

Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently announced an innovative modular project for Manhattan. The winning project came from the development team of the manufacturer Capsys Corporation, nArchitects and the developer Monadnock Development LLC.

Mayor Bloomberg praised modular construction, saying: "Modular construction... is faster, less expensive, allows for high levels of quality control and significantly reduces waste and truck traffic. It is also safer for workers as construction is done inside in controlled environments."

The modular apartment building is comprised of micro apartments that help the city resolve increased demand for micro apartments for one person or for a couple without children. You can learn more about the projecthere.


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Residential and sanitary container, Type C3

AQAP 2110

Certificate of quality system compliance as required by ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016, ČOS 051672

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