In-the-Dark Café Opened

We were present at the inauguration of the In-the-Dark Café, which we delivered under the framework of a humanitarian project to the Fire-Fly Foundation – the Czech Radio Endowment Fund. We, as a socially responsible company, undertake one larger project within the scope of humanitarian activity each year. In the past, for example, we have delivered a lodging house for abandoned Ukrainian mothers with children who had lost their husbands as a result of Russian aggression, sales rooms for vegetables to Moldavia, and also a lodging house for the Good Pastor Community for the Homeless in Slovakia. The In-the-Dark Café is the first larger project in our region. The entire FAMILY of KOMA companies took part. KOMA MODULAR produced modules according to the design of Adéla Bačová, KOMA FACADE dressed the module with mirror facing, and KOMA RENT organized the logistical services – transport and assembly. KOMA RENT will, moreover, grant space for café parking when it is not being used at events. It will also take care of transport and assembly at other events. We have personally experienced the special mood in the café immersed in complete darkness. We have to express our admiration for the sightless service staff, their pleasant comportment, and the carryover of positive energy. The Czech TV gave airtime to this event during Studio 6 – see the video. The inauguration was commentated by Lucie Výborná in the presence of other well-known personalities – an interview with the Fire-Fly Foundation director can be heard here. The authors of the uniform style of the foundation of the Czech Radio Endowment Fund are Petra Komárková (designer of the logo) and Jakub Šolin (creative concept) from the Czech Radio Graphic Studio.

We are proud to have won the following awards: Company of the Year, Driving Force of Czech Business, Czech Leader, Exporter of the Year, Innovative Company, and Fair Company.



Residential and sanitary container, Type C3

AQAP 2110

Certificate of quality system compliance as required by ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016, ČOS 051672

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