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Best selling type of spatial modules thanks to the price/quality ratio. With variable façades, fully optional interior. Typically used for residential and sanitary objects.

Residential and Sanitary Containers

Certifikát žárově zinkované oceli

Residential containers feature a supporting framework made of galvanized metal sheet and have an extended service life with no additional paintwork required. Residential containers, or if you prefer, modular homes, represent a new alternative in the building industry. An alternative that is economical, affordable as well as eco-friendly. If you need to build for example a lodging house, restaurant , preschool or portable cabins for workers within a short time frame (several weeks), then a residential container offers an ideal solution.


Residential containers offer an optimal solution for preschools as well as lodging houses

Select the ideal residential container for you; all of your requirements can be satisfied. Reputable companies specializing in modular buildings offer a wide selection, ranging from single residential and sanitary containers to complex assemblies up to three stories high. Residential containers are thus gradually becoming a unique solution for the aforementioned student lodging houses (hostels) or preschool facilities or administrative buildings, hospitals or sport facilities.


Choose an external finish to your liking

If you think that container houses are practical and economical but nonetheless unsightly, let us prove you wrong. The types of facade designs which can be applied to modular buildings or residential containers are numberless, ranging from futuristic or conventional patterns to natural motives which allow the structure to blend in with the landscape.

Play with the interior, it will not drain your resources

In terms of residential container interiors, you would be very much mistaken to expect an austere shack. The interior can be furnished to your preferences as well. Choose a different theme for each room of the new house if you like.


In addition you can quickly dismantle and move the whole residential container.  All its properties will be preserved, of course. You need not be afraid that the construction will ruin your bank account. Residential containers? The price list by no means contains astronomical sums. Rather to the contrary. You will save hundreds of thousands, or even millions you would have needed to invest into a traditional building. Send us your requirement and we will send you an accurate quote by turn of post. 

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Residential and sanitary container, Type C3

AQAP 2110

Certificate of quality system compliance as required by ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016, ČOS 051672

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