How to choose a contractor of modular construction

  1. Check the history of suppliers and their owners. Check the economic health of the contractor. You will get a certainty that the company will operate during the warranty and after warranty expires. You should not have complications in future demand of rebuilding container or modular building. You can also offer container or modular building to repurchase to the initial contractor.

  2. Let us provide you a contact list of reference buildings. Check from the owners their experiences with contracting company, how were honoured delivery dates, budget and how were the experiences with given certificates after the house inspection. How was the company behaviour during contingent claims. How the company solves transport and assembly on distant, far or complicated places. What costs had to extend the owners of modular building to maintaining of container or modular building. How was the container or modular building during winter season.

  3. Make sure that the support frame of modules or containers is made ​​of galvanized metal sheet or black metal sheet. Do not let the assertion that the frame made of the black metal sheet is sufficiently treated by painting. The similarity is, if you buy a car with body of black metal sheet, where the treatment of cavities does not prevent corrosion, or if you prefer the car with galvanized body.

  4. Visit the factory. You will see on the site, if the company complies with the control of quality, how is stored the material used for production of container. How is production time saved, which is reflected in a price of modules or containers. You will see on the site proposed solutions so everything you can "touch".

  5. Be interested in if the company has its own Design and Construction department and whether it develops its own innovative activities, including publications. You can be sure that you cooperate with an expert who is a master of his field and is not only copied solutions of other companies.

  6. Consult with a contractor on the proposal of the best solution. Explain him what is your idea about the purpose of future container or modular building, how you intend to use the building in the future, what parameters should the building or object observe. Suitable contractor, who has more product lines, will suggest the best solution both in selecting a product line and layout arrangement.

  7. Remember that you are planning an investment for the considerable funds. For this reason, it is necessary to compare all aspects of the offer. The cheapest spot offer could not be the cheapest and the most suitable offer in the few years. Container and modular buildings have an irreplaceable advantage - the building can be moved and transported. So you can sell it like a used car to another owner with no ties to the land on which it currently stands. Net book value and condition of container or modular buildings should be an important factor for deciding on contractors. Today, the considerable emphasis is put on the economy of building operations costs. Make sure that ​​presented values of the heat permeability are real or only on paper.

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