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Facilities for skiing centre in Nové Město in Moravia, CZ

Modular facilities for skiing centre with a wooden facade.

Classification:Sport facilities / Changing rooms for athletes
Year of implementation:2011
Country of implementation:Czech Republic
Technical Specifications: Length of assembly: 5 weeks
Length of manufacture: 3 weeks
Number of modules: 66
Area: 1280
Product series: StandardLine
Sales model:Sale

Spe­ed of con­structi­on, high qua­li­ty stan­dards and espe­ci­ally efforts not to disrupt a moun­ta­in setting were the rea­sons why the orga­ni­sers of such top biathlon spor­ting events as the World Cup and the World Cham­pi­on­ship cho­se the KOMA sys­tem. The goal was to build an athle­tic cen­t­re. And sure enou­gh, an archi­tectu­rally cap­ti­va­ting buil­ding panelled in pine and with a tape­red rooftop sprang up in a mat­ter of mon­ths in the ski resort of Nové Měs­to na Mora­vě in the Czech Republic.

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