News | 25. 03. 2021

Fashion Line Won the Prestigious Red Dot Award 2021

We are very hap­py to sha­re the joy of the Red Dot Award with you. An expert jury com­posed of world-famous designers awar­ded the pri­ze to our pro­duct line in the Pro­duct Design category! 

Offering | 17. 04. 2020

Quotation for Modular Hospitals

Quo­tati­on for Modu­lar Hospitals

News | 17. 04. 2020

Modular Extension of Mining Hospital to Be Erected in Karviná

A modu­lar extensi­on of the Mining Hospi­tal in Karviná.

News | 17. 04. 2020

City Modules in 2019

A sur­vey of events whe­re the CITY modu­les were featured.

News | 17. 12. 2019

Barum Continental Has New Rooftop Modular Offices for Software Developers

In a record-bre­a­king 8 mon­ths from the order, KOMA MODU­LAR pro­du­ced, sup­plied and assem­bled a unique modu­lar extensi­on on an exis­ting buil­ding at the pro­ducti­on site of Barum Con­ti­nen­tal in Otrokovice.

News | 23. 10. 2019

The Day of Architecture 2019 in Vizovice

The 2nd annu­al Day of Archi­tectu­re at KOMA MODU­LAR took pla­ce on 2 Octo­ber 2019.

Video | 09. 10. 2019

The Bird of Paradise, The Tornado of Love and The EXPO Pavilion.

Ple­a­se watch the new video made by the GNO­MON Agen­cy which pre­sents the con­necti­on between modu­lar archi­tectu­re and art – The Bird of Para­di­se by Lukáš Ritt­stein and The Tor­nado of Love by Bar­bo­ra Šlapetová.

News | 20. 08. 2019

KOMA SLOVAKIA Implements HOM Skalité Modular Building

KOMA SLO­VA­KIA, our sis­ter com­pa­ny which sells and lea­ses KOMA MODU­LAR pro­ducts, imple­men­ted a modu­lar structu­re for The Nati­o­nal Highway Com­pa­ny Inc. on the D3 Svr­či­no­vec - Ska­li­té highway.

News | 30. 07. 2019

LE RELAIS DE LA MALMAISON 4* Hotel Annex Building in Paris

This spring we com­ple­ted an annex buil­ding for the LE RELAIS DE LA MAL­MAI­SON 4* hotel in Paris.

News | 23. 07. 2019

New Modular Oasis in Prague: Smíchov Manifesto Market

New Mani­fes­to 2 in Smíchov

News | 15. 07. 2019

Modular Auxiliary Rooms for Monínec

The modu­lar structu­res also mani­fest the­ir advan­tages as auxi­li­a­ry rooms for vari­ous spor­ting acti­vi­ties. This time we erec­ted a modu­lar com­plex in the Moni­nec Spor­ting Park for the TRI­GE­MA com­pa­ny. The com­plex ser­ves as a ren­tal ser­vi­ce for ski out­fit­ting and ski scho­ols in win­ter; in sum­mer it ser­ves for vari­ous out­do­or acti­vi­ties inclu­ding a ren­tal ser­vi­ce for bikes and scooters.

News | 12. 07. 2019

Kutzer Bakershop in Erbendorf

Kut­zer Bake­ry with a Dri­ve-Throu­gh in Erben­dorf, Germany

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