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Per­ma­nent modu­lar cul­tu­ral cen­t­res, galle­ries, modern muse­u­ms, and modu­lar rooms for asso­ci­ati­on mee­tings - these have enri­ched cul­tu­ral life in many pla­ces within cities and villages. Transfe­ra­ble modu­lar solu­ti­ons, known as pop-up archi­tectu­re, enrich pro­grams at nume­rous film fes­ti­vals, at design days and weeks, and at other soci­o­cul­tu­ral events. They ena­ble vari­ous skills to be dis­pla­yed and allow moni­to­ring of the functi­o­na­li­ty and susta­i­na­bi­li­ty of ide­as to revi­ta­li­ze unde­ru­ti­li­zed are­as within a town. And more­o­ver, the modu­lar archi­tectu­re is beautiful.

Kd rybnik 04

Cultural House in Rybník

A Cul­tu­ral Modu­lar Cen­t­re in Rybník

Year of implementation:2013
Country of implementation:Czech Republic
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