Ser­vi­ce Stations

Refu­el­ling stati­ons find attracti­ve solu­ti­ons in per­ma­nent as well as tem­po­ra­ry modu­lar faci­li­ties. Today, ser­vi­ce stati­ons are mul­ti­functi­o­nal. In addi­ti­on to sel­ling fuel, many offer pla­ces to rest, to use washro­oms, and to pur­cha­se refre­shments as well as food­stuffs and gifts. More­o­ver, modu­lar solu­ti­ons afford the possi­bi­li­ty of rapid stati­on expan­si­on with add-on modu­les; this mini­mi­zes the time for which the stati­on is out of ser­vi­ce. And more­o­ver, the modu­lar archi­tectu­re is beautiful.

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