Modu­la­ri­ty Helps

Modu­lar con­structi­on is undoub­ted­ly the ide­al solu­ti­on for unpre­dictable situati­ons. Whe­ther in the case of a natu­ral disas­ter, a wave of refu­ge­es, or for social housing.

KOMA modu­lar con­structi­ons can be quick­ly relo­ca­ted to cre­a­te, for exam­ple, a field hospi­tal, a kin­der­gar­ten, or an accom­mo­dati­on facility.

KOMA­’s mission

Hel­ping peo­ple and enri­ching the world

Our mis­si­on can be tra­ced back to about 1994, althou­gh we did not for­ma­li­ze it until about 10 years later. At that time, we were ful­fil­ling a con­tract for Chech­nya. We under­s­to­od that we had a pro­duct that could be use­ful that we could trans­port it quick­ly over long distan­ces so to react at points of need – to give peo­ple dig­ni­fied living con­di­ti­ons, even in the ravages of natu­ral disas­ter or war. 

Around 2003-2004 we offi­ci­ally char­te­red our mis­si­on and, sin­ce then, we have been gui­ded by the mot­to, hel­ping peo­ple and enri­ching the world“.

We wish to be hel­p­ful, to cre­a­te added value whilst being respect­ful of the envi­ron­ment. Modu­la­ri­ty allows us to do that.

Take a look with us at the pro­jects that help