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Modules for Good Pastor

KOMA donated modular house for the Good Pastor community, for people, who have no home.

Classification:Residential projects / Accommodation facilities
Year of implementation:2017
Client:Dobrý pastier
Country of implementation:Slovakia
Technical Specifications: Length of assembly: 1 week
Length of manufacture: 1 week
Number of modules: 4
Area: 108 m2
Product series: StandardLine
Sales model:Lease

Good Pas­tor is a com­mu­ni­ty that hel­ps peo­ple on the outer rea­ches of soci­e­ty to live with dig­ni­ty – tho­se nee­ding help inclu­de: peo­ple without shel­ter or resour­ces, for­mer inma­tes, and tho­se suf­fe­ring from addicti­ons. When the soul is cured, the body is also res­to­red. These peo­ple are rece­i­ved back into the com­mu­ni­ty, whe­re they work.

Good Pas­tor had secu­red shel­ter for these peo­ple, but it had no housing for fami­lies. Our com­pa­ny pro­vi­ded rema­i­ning modu­les from our EXPO pavi­li­on for this vir­tu­ous acti­vi­ty. The fami­lies no lon­ger need be roo­med sepa­ra­te­ly as men, women and chil­dren. KOMA con­tri­bu­ted in a small way so that these peo­ple can lead lives with dig­ni­ty. The Good Pas­tor citi­zen-acti­on group is acti­ve in Slo­va­kia in Kláš­tor pod Znie­vom, Bzo­vík, Bor­co­vá, Pole­rie­ka, Vríc­ko, and in Nit­ri­an­ské Prav­no and cares for more than six hun­dred people.

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