Gold Pla­que CONE­CO 2010

29. 03. 2010 | News

We have rece­i­ved the Gold Pla­que and the Gold Leo­nard at inter­nati­o­nal buil­ding fair Cone­co 2010 in Bratislava

. On March 23 to 27, 2010 we exhi­bi­ted a novel­ty at the buil­ding fair CONE­CO 2010 in Bra­ti­sla­va - the low-ener­gy modu­le. We have com­bi­ned the advan­tages of modu­lar buil­dings and low-ener­gy buil­dings. For this novel­ty, we were awar­ded the Gold Pla­que by the spe­ci­alju­ry. At the same time we rece­i­ved the Gold Leo­nard award for the most cre­a­ti­ve stall.

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