Loo­king Back at Modu­lARCH 2015

11. 06. 2015 | News

Between April 23 to 25, a con­fe­ren­ce on modu­lar archi­tectu­re was held in Brno in the con­text of the Modu­lARCH fes­ti­val. Its pro­gra­m­me focused on the the­me of the social con­text of modu­lar archi­tectu­re and opti­ons of its use. The con­fe­ren­ce was atten­ded by Czech and fore­ign archi­tects, ini­ti­a­tors of events in pub­lic spa­ce and repre­sen­ta­ti­ves of KOMA.

The con­fe­ren­ce also inclu­ded a stu­dent workshop led by a pair of archi­tects from Chi­le – Sebas­ti­an Irarra­za­val and Xime­nou Gar­cia Hui­dob­ro. Stu­dents tal­ked about the the­me of a modu­lar tower in the cen­t­re of Brno and pro­po­sed vari­ous methods of recon­structing the pro­ble­ma­tic loca­li­ty with the aim to chan­ge its functi­on as well as the natu­re of the housing, all with use of modu­lar architecture.

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