Year Title Building category
2010 Offices for Ingate Administrative Buildings / Offices
2009 Elementary School in Vienna School Realisations / Music school
2008 Offices for Magistrat Wien Administrative Buildings / Offices
2008 Duplex in Vienna Residential projects / Family houses
2007 Sanitary units for lease fleet for company Toi Toi & DIXI Other / Units for leasing
2007 Additional building of school, University of Art School Realisations / Music school
2007 Offices for Airport Schwechat Administrative Buildings / Offices
2006 Extension of offices for manufacture of engines BMW Administrative Buildings / Offices
2005 Background of petrol station Business Realisations / Petrol stations
2004 Extension of offices for car company BMW Administrative Buildings / Offices
2004 Leasing fleet containers for Porr. Other / Units for leasing
2004 Changing rooms and sanitary facilities for the Regional Hospital in Leoben. Sanitary modules
2001 Hostel and offices for rebuildin of motorway - THEISEN Site equipment
2000 Building site for Austrian structur company Site equipment