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Private Dentist Surgery in GESEKE

Private Dentist Surgery in GESEKE. The dental clinic includes eight consulting rooms, a small office for minor operations, a reception desk, recovery rooms for children after anaesthesia, and a dental prosthesis.

Classification:Healthcare projects / Surgeries
Year of implementation:2018
Country of implementation:Germany
Technical Specifications: Length of assembly: 2 weeks
Length of manufacture: 2 weeks
Number of modules: 16
Area: 330
Product series: StandardLine
Sales model:Sale

The fact that pro­gres­si­ve inves­tors cho­o­se modu­lar con­structi­on types is demon­stra­ted in the form of a pri­va­te den­tist sur­ge­ry in the Ger­man town of Gen­se­ke. A pri­va­te ent­re­pre­ne­ur cho­se this form main­ly for its spe­ed and acce­le­ra­ted returns on invest­ment. The den­tal cli­nic has dimensi­ons of 330 squa­re meters and inclu­des eight con­sul­ting rooms, a small offi­ce for minor ope­rati­ons, a recep­ti­on desk, reco­ve­ry rooms for chil­dren after ana­esthesia, and a den­tal prosthesis.

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