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Sports Facilities for the Slovan Spoje Pilsen Sports Club

Modular facilities for the Slovan Spoje Pilsen Football Club.

Classification:Sport facilities / Changing rooms for athletes
Year of implementation:2017
Klient:Statutory City of Pilsen
Country of implementation:Czech Republic
Technical Specifications: Length of assembly: 2 weeks
Length of manufacture: 2 weeks
Number of modules: 33
Area: 594
Product series: StandardLine
Sales model:Sale

The City of Pil­sen built a new main sta­di­um in Skvrňa­ny, which ser­ves as an alter­na­ti­ve pitch for the Slo­van Spo­je Pil­sen Sports Club. It is a tra­i­ning area and ope­rati­ons buil­ding fea­tu­ring offi­ces, cabins, chan­ging rooms with showers, and other faci­li­ties inclu­ding a grand­stand for 300 peo­ple. The inves­tor cho­se the KOMA modu­lar sys­tem as auxi­li­a­ry rooms for the foot­ball sta­di­um. The faci­li­ties are in club colours and are tas­te­fully incor­po­ra­ted into the grandstand.

The Slo­van Spo­je Pil­sen Sports Club, a tra­di­ti­on of which dates back more than a cen­tu­ry, will acqui­re the com­plex on the basis of a donati­on agre­e­ment as a repla­ce­ment for its exis­ting sta­di­um, which is situa­ted in the loca­li­ty of Bory. The city will acqui­re the old Bory faci­li­ty in con­necti­on with the plan­ned con­structi­on of a tramli­ne to Bor­ská pole (Bory Fields). A park-and-ride par­king lot is to be built on the aban­do­ned pitch. 

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