Sanitarni kontejnerove zazemi pro mistrovstvi Evropy a Sveta ve fotbale
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Sanitary VIP modules

TOI TOI & DIXI of the ADCO Group have offices worldwide and these premium modules are rented for cultural or sport events – in short, anywhere mobility and luxury are required by customers.

Classification:Sanitary modules
Year of implementation:2005
Country of implementation:Germany
Technical Specifications: Length of assembly: 1 day
Length of manufacture: 1 day
Number of modules: 1
Area: 18 m2
Product series: StandardLine
Sales model:Sale

Sani­tati­on con­ta­i­ners are, in a way, a sepa­ra­te cate­go­ry of the KOMA sys­tem. The luxu­ri­ous VIP Sani­ta­ry Modu­les were pro­du­ced for TOI TOI & DIXI of the ADCO Group. Besi­des luxu­ri­ous sani­ta­ry fur­nishings, the­re are also MP3 media pla­yers and air-con­di­ti­o­ning.
TOI TOI & DIXI of the ADCO Group have offi­ces worl­dwi­de and these pre­mi­um modu­les are ren­ted for cul­tu­ral or sport events – in short, any­whe­re mobi­li­ty and luxu­ry are requi­red by customers.

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