Funds from the Euro­pe­an Union

09. 06. 2008 | News

KOMA MODU­LAR CON­STRUCTI­ON reques­ted to draw on funds from the EU to finish off the revi­ta­li­sati­on of the pro­ducti­on pre­mi­ses. It regu­lar­ly issu­es ten­ders for con­structi­on work, which you can obser­ve in the Czech Repub­lic Busi­ness Bulle­tin. The com­pa­ny is plan­ning to finish off revi­ta­li­sati­on of the pro­ducti­on plant at the end of 2009. The revi­ta­li­sati­on is more deman­ding because it is being done during full ope­rati­ons at an incre­a­sed pro­ducti­on capa­ci­ty. After com­ple­ti­on the com­pa­ny will be equip­ped with modern pro­ducti­on spa­ce and sto­rage spa­ce, as well as with a modern logis­tics sto­rage faci­li­ty for pro­du­ced con­ta­i­ners, inclu­ding a trolley cra­ne for loa­ding con­ta­i­ners and a modern deve­lo­p­ment workshop. The com­pa­ny star­ted revi­ta­li­sing the pro­ducti­on plant two years ago, when inste­ad of old halls that were out of ope­rati­on it began to build a modern pro­ducti­on plant. Now the main pro­ducti­on line has been com­ple­ted, inclu­ding two cabins for a hot-air paint shop, which were built without dra­wing on EU funds.