KOMA RENT is a part­ner for major spor­ting events

17. 01. 2009 | News

KOMA RENT suc­cess­fully ren­ted out con­ta­i­ners with inter­chan­ge­a­ble walls, type-mar­ked C3V, for the spor­ting event Tour de Ski in Nové měs­to (New Town) in Mora­via. These uni­ver­sal con­ta­i­ners which can be quick­ly adapt to the customer´s requi­re­ments thanks to the fle­xi­ble opti­ons of inter­chan­ge­a­ble walls and inner par­ti­ti­on-walls will also be used during the pro­mi­nent Clas­si­cal Skiing World Cham­pi­on­ship sports event in Libe­rec. Cus­to­mers are con­stant­ly put­ting a gre­a­ter value on the inno­va­ti­ve capa­bi­li­ty of the pro­ducti­on firm KOMA MODU­LAR CON­STRUCTI­ON, which atta­i­ned a com­men­dati­on for the C3V con­ta­i­ner at the CONE­CO 2008 inter­nati­o­nal fair in Bratislava.