CITY Modu­les at Barum Rally Zlín

02. 09. 2015 | News

Ser­ving as bac­kground faci­li­ties, CITY modu­les were pre­sent at one of the most popu­lar motor­sport events in the Czech Repub­lic – the Barum Czech Rally Zlín. This year’s 45th run­ning took pla­ce on the last wee­kend in August, as usu­al, and tens of thou­sands of enthusi­astic motor­sport fans made the­ir way to the Zlín regi­on. As Zlín patri­ots, we are proud to have par­ti­ci­pa­ted in the event.

For the durati­on of the rally, KOMA pro­vi­ded four of its CITY modu­les which ser­ved, e.g., as bac­kground faci­li­ties for com­mis­si­o­ners as well as for the event DONA­TING BONE MARROW – the cam­paign to recru­it new bone marrow donors. During the hot sum­mer wee­kend, our CITY modu­les thus pro­vi­ded not only a desi­ra­ble sanctu­a­ry but also con­tri­bu­ted to a good cause.

  • 15mm5234
  • 15mm5275
  • 15mm4655
  • 15mm5315
  • 15mm5392
  • 15mm5374
  • 15mm4680
  • 15mm4892
  • 15mm4781
  • 15mm5231
  • 15mm5142
  • 15mm4858
  • 15mm4641
  • 15mm4881
  • 15mm5320
  • 15mm4783
  • 15mm4814
  • 15mm4941
  • 11947684_1465201230475578_420127880267072370_n
  • 11898542_1465255547136813_4253429234136836292_n
  • 11934951_1465200127142355_2875303426515946729_n