KOMA sup­plied the ele­men­ta­ry scho­ol in record time

02. 09. 2015 | News

The con­sequen­ces of the baby boom are being felt not only in kin­der­gar­tens but also in ele­men­ta­ry scho­ols, many of which need to expand the­ir capa­ci­ty. One such exam­ple is the ele­men­ta­ry scho­ol in Suli­ce. The muni­ci­pa­li­ty nee­ded to resol­ve the pro­blem in record short time – from pub­li­cati­on of the ten­der to the ope­ning of the scho­ol on 1st Sep­tem­ber, KOMA had only 4 mon­ths to build it. Such dead­li­ne could not have been met with the use of stan­dard con­structi­on methods. Our com­pa­ny, thanks to its expe­ri­en­ce and lea­ding posi­ti­on on the modu­lar con­structi­on mar­ket, won the ten­der and beca­me the gene­ral con­trac­tor for the construction.

KOMA thus once aga­in showed how effecti­ve­ly and quick­ly high qua­li­ty structu­res for new pupils can come into existence.

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