Inspi­ring gene­rati­on Y” festival

29. 09. 2016 | News

Pra­gue expe­ri­en­ced a unique inspi­rati­o­nal fes­ti­val named O2 Ynspi­ro­lo­gy CON, whe­re KOMA Modu­lar was one of the part­ners. During the who­le day, the most inte­res­ting You­Tu­bers, artists, musi­ci­ans, athle­tes and per­so­na­li­ties of the Czech-Slo­vak on-line world could make pre­sen­tati­ons in the CITY modu­les. The fes­ti­val fea­tu­red more than 30 of the most inspi­ring per­so­na­li­ties who dai­ly main­ly add­ress gene­rati­on Y” with the­ir activities.

Our newest KOMA pro­duct was also pre­sen­ted at the fes­ti­val – the Ligh­thou­se con­sis­ting of CITY modu­les, which ser­ved as a cen­t­re for all Ynspi­ra­tors. The workshops were sub­sequent­ly held in the KOMA CITY modu­les. The enti­re event was in the spi­rit of con­ta­i­ners, and we can con­firm that it was an honour for us to link our unique CITY modu­les to this unique event.

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