Met­ro­pol Cine­ma domi­na­ted by archi­tectu­re – also with the con­tri­bu­ti­on of KOMA

29. 09. 2016 | News

The thi­rd Pecha­Ku­cha Night in Olo­mouc focused on archi­tectu­re and urba­nism. The event took pla­ce on 9 Sep­tem­ber 2016 as part of Euro­pe­an Heri­tage Days and one of the spe­a­kers was KOMA CEO Sta­ni­slav Mar­ti­nec. We are proud of the fact that this mar­ked the second time KOMA and Sta­ni­slav Mar­ti­nec par­ti­ci­pa­ted in this project.

Two years ago, Sta­ni­slav Mar­ti­nec made an add­ress at Pecha­Ku­cha in Plzeň. At the time, he focused on the his­to­ry of the com­pa­ny and its deve­lo­p­ment up to the pre­sen­tati­on of the design of the EXPO pavi­li­on in Milan. Sin­ce then, we have aga­in moved sli­ght­ly ahe­ad, so Sta­ni­slav Mar­ti­nec could demon­stra­te how suc­cess­ful the EXPO pavi­li­on really was in the end and also pre­sent current pro­jects from CITY modu­les and the uto­pi­an visi­on to sup­ply modu­les for the colo­ni­sati­on of Mars.

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