Ozvě­ny EXPA (EXPO Reviews) at the Nati­o­nal Tech­ni­cal Muse­um in Prague

09. 06. 2016 | News

A panel dis­cus­si­on on the sub­ject of the Czech pavi­li­on was held in Pra­gue on 22 March 2016.The dis­cus­si­on was com­men­ced by Karel Ksan­dr, the gene­ral direc­tor of the Nati­o­nal Tech­ni­cal Muse­um, along with Sta­ni­slav Mar­ti­nec, the direc­tor of KOMA. Other spe­a­kers inclu­ded Jiří F. Potuž­ník, gene­ral com­mis­si­o­ner of the Czech ent­ry at EXPO 2015, archi­tect Michal Krištof, Ladi­slav Slá­meč­ka, the head of pavi­li­on con­structi­on, and Mar­tin Hart, KOMA’s mar­ke­ting direc­tor. At the end of the dis­cus­si­on, Mar­tin Hart expla­i­ned the con­cept of the secon­da­ry use of the pavi­li­on in Vizo­vi­ce as the KOMA admi­nis­trati­on buil­ding and cen­t­re of modu­lar architecture.

Under the auspi­ces of Pra­gue 7 May­or Jan Čižin­ský, the event was held in colla­bo­rati­on with the Nati­o­nal Tech­ni­cal Muse­um, the EXPO team and the Ita­li­an-Czech Industrial Cham­ber of Commerce.

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