Fashi­on Line Rece­i­ved the BIG SEE Award

11. 05. 2022 | News

Our Fashi­on Line design series has won ano­ther award – this time it is the Slo­ve­ni­an BIG SEE Award!

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The BIG SEE Award is a Slo­ve­ni­an award for designers and archi­tects from Sou­thern and Eas­tern Euro­pe who stand out for the­ir cre­a­ti­ve and busi­ness poten­tial. The awards are given annu­ally in the cate­go­ries of Archi­tectu­re, Inte­ri­or, Pro­duct Design, Wood, and Cre­a­ti­ve Tourism.
Our Fashi­on Line Relax won the award in the Pro­duct Design cate­go­ry and is also nomi­na­ted for the main GRAND PRIX” award.

I am very ple­a­sed that Fashi­on Line has won ano­ther award. It pro­ves that the unusu­al com­bi­nati­on of industrial design with modu­lar archi­tectu­re is the right way to go. I am alrea­dy loo­king for­ward to unve­i­ling the full poten­tial of Fashi­on Line with the pro­duct ran­ges to come. I con­si­der modu­lar archi­tectu­re as a never-ending puzzle. The main thing is that the basic ele­ments are resol­ved to the last detail, then the ima­gi­nati­on has no limits”, com­men­ted the designer Adéla Bačová.