KOMA con­ti­nu­es its pre­sen­tati­on at social chan­nels, too

17. 11. 2013 | Video

Pro­ba­bly nobo­dy is in doubt that are pre­sent social media and social chan­nels are fun­da­men­tal for pre­sen­tati­on of com­pa­nies, too. Recent­ly, KOMA has made a lot of effort to impro­ve the sty­le and qua­li­ty of its self-pre­sen­tati­on, which, of cour­se, is not only left to the prin­ted form. We have recent­ly pla­ced a new video on the social video chan­nel Youtube.com. This video pre­sents vari­ous types of modu­lar kindergartens.

The video, having an attracti­ve and fun­ny form com­bi­ning car­to­on with real peo­ple, demon­stra­tes the advan­tages and qua­li­ties of the KOMA modu­lar sys­tem in par­ticu­lar scho­ol KOMA rea­li­zati­ons. Of cour­se, the video will not only be pla­ced on youtube.com, it will also be used during busi­ness dea­lings. It is in Czech, Eng­lish and Rus­si­an lan­gu­ages. We will be very hap­py if you can give us your feedback and say if you like it.

You can play the pre­sen­tati­on video here.