VIDEO: Air­ports in Senegal

10. 11. 2021 | Video

Go throu­gh the ani­mati­on of the manu­factu­ring and assem­bly of the air­port in St. Louis, Africa. 

We have alrea­dy infor­med you that we are deli­ve­ring a modu­lar air­port to Sene­gal. The main rea­sons for cho­o­sing the modu­lar con­structi­on method inclu­de the spe­ed of imple­men­tati­on. See how quick­ly we were able to build an air­port hall, han­gar and air­port faci­li­ties in the for­mer capi­tal of Sene­gal, St. Louis. Ano­ther advan­tage is that during the manu­factu­re of the modu­les for con­structi­on, foun­dati­on work can be carried out on site, so that some of the work can take pla­ce in paral­lel. This saves time at the con­structi­on site.