Modular Frontier Crossing at Velké Slemence, SK/UA

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Small modular structures are ideal, for example, for frontier crossing customs offices. One such customs office produced by KOMA Slovakia has been built at the Slovak-Ukrainian frontier. The facilities for the customs officers cover an area of 90 m2 and consist of four modules of the StandardLine series. The investor opted for this construction type for the sole reason of the speed of construction, one of the main advantages of the modular construction system. However, there is also the related advantage of the temporary nature of the structure, which can be arbitrarily extended or even relocated. The building is clad with a horizontal wave and the structure includes an untypical attic. Heating is provided by electric radiators.

We are proud to have won the following awards: Company of the Year, Driving Force of Czech Business, Czech Leader, Exporter of the Year, Innovative Company, and Fair Company.


AQAP 2110

Certificate of quality system compliance as required by ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016, ČOS 051672

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