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Czech Pavilion at the World EXPO

The Czech Pavilion for EXPO2015 represents the best of Czech modular architecture. Its purpose is to provide adequate space for exhibitions and the facilities they need through the use of simple modular technology.

Classification:Other / Modules for events
Year of implementation:2015
Country of implementation:Italy
Technical Specifications: Number of modules: 43
Area: 1700
Product series: ComfortLine
Sales model:Lease

The con­cept is foun­ded on the tem­po­ra­ry natu­re of the pavi­li­on and on the World EXPO 2015 the­me, Food for the Pla­net, Ener­gy for Life“. The sub­ject of the pavi­li­on is water, pre­sen­ting the latest possi­bi­li­ties for nano­tech­no­lo­gy in water tre­at­ment as well as the Czech Repub­lic’s tra­di­ti­o­nal relati­on­ship with water (spas, etc.) in the form of a swi­m­ming pool, which forms part of the pavi­li­on’s pub­lic area.

Its con­tem­po­ra­ry archi­tectu­ral design is a refe­ren­ce to the sim­pli­ci­ty of our nati­o­nal sty­le: moder­nism. The lower part hou­ses a swi­m­ming pool, a small amphi­the­a­t­re, and a restau­rant. Upstairs, exhi­bi­ti­on spa­ces are situa­ted around a cen­t­ral atri­um and yet ano­ther restau­rant, abo­ve which is an acces­si­ble gre­en roof that offers visi­tors a view of the who­le exhi­bi­ti­on complex.

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