Modulární kulturní dům Norbertčany
Modulární kulturní dům Norbertčany
Modulární kulturní dům Norbertčany
Modulární kulturní dům Norbertčany
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Modularni kulturni dum norbertcany 17
Modularni kulturni dum norbertcany 21
Modularni kulturni dum Norbertcany 22
Modularni kulturni dum Norbertcany 19
Modularni kulturni dum Norbertcany 15
Modularni kulturni dum Norbertcany 9
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A Cultural Modular House in Norberčany

A Cultural Modular House in Norberčany

Classification:Cultural venues / Community centre
Year of implementation:2019
Architect / Studio:Ing.arch.Petr Kulda - TIPOS
Country of implementation:Czech Republic
Technical Specifications: Length of assembly: 3 Months
Length of manufacture: 1 Month
Number of modules: 10
Area: 324 m2
Product series: ComfortLine
Sales model:Sale

Repre­sen­ta­ti­ves of Nor­ber­ča­ny deci­ded to build a cul­tu­ral hou­se inspi­red by the cul­tu­ral hou­se in Ryb­ník that we built in 2013. As was the case in Ryb­ník, Nor­ber­ča­ny resi­dents also mis­sed a cul­tu­re faci­li­ty whe­re vari­ous dan­ce events, con­certs, or dra­ma­tic per­for­man­ces could be practi­ced. The­re is a clubro­om, social auxi­li­a­ry rooms and eve­ry­thing necessa­ry for orga­ni­zing the afo­re­men­ti­o­ned acti­vi­ties in this cul­tu­ral cen­t­re. Dis­tinct from the cen­t­re in Ryb­ník, this cul­tu­ral hou­se has a double slo­ping roof which – inclu­ding con­necti­ons, faca­de and foun­dati­ons – was manu­factu­red by Navlá­čil Con­structi­on. The who­le structu­re has been erec­ted with the help of modu­les in a flat-pack sys­tem due to the requi­re­ment of a high cei­ling in the dan­ce room.

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