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Facilities for reconstruction of power station Ledvice; Offices, hostel, change-rooms

Offices, hostel, changing rooms and facilities, cafeteria and restaurant, gatehouse.

Classification:Site equipment
Year of implementation:2009
Country of implementation:Czech Republic
Technical Specifications: Number of modules: 520
Area: 9750
Product series: StandardLine
Sales model:Sale

In 2008 KOMA began work on a base of ope­rati­ons for a con­structi­on site in Led­vi­ce, whe­re ČEZ had begun repai­ring ther­mal power plants to repla­ce old equi­p­ment and redu­ce emis­si­ons. ČEZ nee­ded to build a modu­lar base of ope­rati­ons in Led­vi­ce not only for the wor­kers, but also for the con­structi­on site­ma­nage­ment. Lod­gings, chan­ging rooms, a can­te­en and a restau­rant were all nee­ded. The vari­a­bi­li­ty, fle­xi­bi­li­ty, and mobi­li­ty of the KOMA sys­tem met all these needs within a very short time.

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