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SIXT Speedlease modular background

Modular relocated car rental and parking facilities.

Classification:Business Realisations
Year of implementation:2014
Country of implementation:Czech Republic
Technical Specifications: Length of assembly: 1 day
Length of manufacture: 1 day
Number of modules: 2
Area: 45
Product series: StandardLine
In addi­ti­on to the har­sh arctic cli­ma­te, the modu­lar KOMA archi­tectu­re is also sui­table for urban housing, for exam­ple on the level of small buil­dings. For exam­ple, the mini­ma­list modu­lar structu­re is used as a sup­port faci­li­ty for the car ren­tal Spe­ed lea­se - SIXT and for the guards of the adja­cent VIN­CI par­king lot. Due to the locati­on by a busy Pra­gue arte­ry (Wil­so­no­va Street) and an equally busy par­king lot, the structu­re was installed between three and five in the mor­ning. The cli­ent deci­ded for she­et metal as the clad­ding in an attracti­ve anthra­ci­te colour, a nod to the con­ta­i­ner ori­gin. The inte­ri­or con­trasts with bright colours. The who­le buil­ding the­re­fo­re appeals with its modern, tren­dy design and the ple­a­sant tensi­on between the exte­ri­or and the interior. 
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