Futu­ris­tic home design

01. 01. 2012 | Examples of international modular projects

Los Ange­les, California

This modu­lar hou­se design is unique in its design. it is a futu­ris­tic home design that comes in whi­te color the­me of the exte­ri­or design. this modu­lar hou­se design looks like two cubes that are pla­ced in one pla­ce. It is a modern home design that fit for living and also enter­ta­i­ning. This modu­lar hou­se design is designed in the stan­dar­di­zati­on of pre­fab con­structi­on. It is a new home design with free stan­ding, pre­fab dwel­ling unit for com­pact and urban design. this modern home design is loca­ted in Los Ange­les Cali­for­nia in par­ticu­lar. It is designed with first flo­or as living/working area, dining area with bar, pow­der and sto­rage. Whi­le the second flo­or of the hou­se con­sists of sle­e­ping area in dif­fe­rent con­fi­gu­rati­on of one and two bedro­oms, stu­dy­ing area and also bathing. This modu­lar hou­se design is pro­gra­m­med for pre­fab residence.

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