Unit for current culture

15. 09. 2011 | News

Our sis­ter com­pa­ny KOMA SLO­VA­KIA sup­por­ted a cul­tu­ral event called Unit for the current cul­tu­re“ by the deli­ve­ry of buil­ding site con­ta­i­ner. This unit is a plat­form for pre­sen­tati­on of current art, the open spa­ce for rea­li­zati­on of vari­ous cul­tu­ral acti­vi­ties, workshops, mee­tings, dis­cus­si­ons and exhibitions.

Tan­gi­ble basis for the pro­ject con­sists of a modi­fied buil­ding site con­ta­i­ner, which is after pla­cing into spa­ce fully wor­king and able to pro­vi­de basic bac­kground for the pro­ject rea­li­zati­on and its acti­vi­ties. The buil­ding is mobi­le with all the necessa­ry equipment.The first locati­on is the city of Nit­ra, the unit is loca­ted in the cen­ter on the tem­po­ra­ri­ly unused land. This unde­ru­sed land beco­me a pla­ce of con­cen­t­ra­ted events for a whi­le, whe­re are plan­ned exhi­bi­ti­on pro­jects, cre­a­ti­ve workshops for chil­dren, the­a­t­ri­cal per­for­man­ces, installati­ons, etc.

The orga­ni­zer of the event is oz tab_lab.

Except our sis­ter com­pa­ny KOMA SLO­VA­KIA, the pro­ject was spon­so­red by: Nadá­cia Oran­ge, Nadá­cia Inten­da, Dida s.r.o., Uni­kov Nit­ra, Nit­rans, BRMBRM.sk, City of Nit­ra, eSys­tems, Elcomp s.r.o..