Video: Installati­on of modu­lar golf facilities

19. 09. 2011 | Video

We made a video of installati­on the golf club faci­li­ties for Golf Club Mari­na in Pra­gue. You can visit and see the golf faci­li­ties of pro­duct line Com­fort­Li­ne and you can play golf at the same time. The golf cour­se is situa­ted in Pra­gue asho­re the Vlta­va River on the Rohan Island (Rohan­ský Ost­rov) direct­ly under the Libeň Bridge (Libeň­ský most). Other golf faci­li­ties we have built for Golf Club Pegas in Slo­vak Lozor­no and for Golf Letňa­ny in Pra­gue. The advan­tage of this sys­tem is that the faci­li­ties was built up quick­ly at inex­pensi­ve­ly in nee­ded qua­li­ty and we can be built it up also throu­gh the win­ter time so that in spring all guests will be supri­sed and deli­gh­ted with the com­for­table faci­li­ties. The sewage can be taken out into the modu­lar fekal tank just like on the Rohan Island.