Cone­co - 2011

20. 02. 2011 | News

The last year we were suc­ced at the inter­nati­o­nal buil­ding fair CONE­CO in Bra­ti­sla­va. The­re we were awar­ded the Golg Pla­que for a novel­ty - the low-ener­gy modu­le M3 and the Gold Leo­nard, that we got for design. On the open area, no. 22, we are going to exhi­bit a modu­les assem­bly of pro­duct-line Com­fort­Lin, the type Light. The assem­bly of three modu­les is fit for sports bac­kground, inclu­ding a com­mon room, two mee­ting rooms with glas­sed wall, tech­ni­cal room, toi­lets for women and men and a shower. The who­le assem­bly is degi­ned in a modern sty­le. All sup­por­ters of modu­lar con­structi­on are wel­co­me. The inter­nati­o­nal buil­ding fair CONE­CO 2011 is in the term of 29. 3. - 2. 42011.

The KOMA MODU­LAR CON­STRUCTI­ON s.r.o. is a gene­ral part­ner of Con­fe­ren­ce on modu­lar con­structi­on on 30. 3. 2011, which takes a part in the fair. The win­ners of the 5th annu­al of archi­tectu­ral com­pe­ti­ti­on will get the­ir pri­zes there.

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