Modu­lar Fron­tier Cros­sing at Vel­ké Slemence

21. 10. 2014 | News

Small modu­lar structu­res are ide­al, for exam­ple, for fron­tier cros­sing cus­toms offi­ces. One such cus­toms offi­ce pro­du­ced by KOMA Slo­va­kia has been built at the Slo­vak-Ukra­i­ni­an fron­tier. The faci­li­ties for the cus­toms offi­cers cover an area of 90 m² and con­sist of four modu­les of the Com­fort­Li­ne series. The inves­tor opted for this con­structi­on type for one rea­son - the spe­ed of modu­lar con­structi­on - with the rela­ted advan­tage that the structu­re is tem­po­ra­ry and can be expan­ded or even relo­ca­ted. The buil­ding is coa­ted with a hori­zon­tal wave and the structu­re inclu­des an unty­pi­cal attic. Hea­ting is pro­vi­ded by elect­ric radiators.

  • Hranicni-prechod-velke-slemence-4
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