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Bakery Schmitt´s Backstube

Modular relocatable bakery.

Classification:Business Realisations / Shops
Year of implementation:2009
Klient:Schmitt´s Backstube
Country of implementation:Germany
Technical Specifications: Length of assembly: 1 day
Length of manufacture: 3 days
Number of modules: 3
Area: 52
Product series: StandardLine
Sales model:Sale

The advan­tages of the KOMA sys­tem in the selecti­on of any faça­de and the opti­on to easi­ly relo­ca­te a structu­re at any time came to the fore once aga­in in Ger­ma­ny as part of the con­structi­on of a network of bake­ries. This small but sweet buil­ding with its ple­a­sant inte­ri­or is ano­ther dain­ty yet functi­o­nal and effecti­ve exam­ple of busi­ness pre­mi­ses erec­ted using the KOMA system.

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