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Czech Television House at KVIFF

CT House at KVIFF

Classification:Special modules / City modules
Year of implementation:2019
Architect / Studio:MgA. Adéla Bačová
Country of implementation:Czech Republic
Technical Specifications: Length of assembly: 1 Week
Length of manufacture: 1 Month
Number of modules: 14
Area: 315
Product series: CityModul
Sales model:Lease

Our City modu­les were also pre­sent at the 2019 Inter­nati­o­nal Film Fes­ti­val in Carl­sbad. They com­pri­sed the top bac­kground for the Czech Tele­vi­si­on Hou­se on the The­a­ter Squa­re for the thi­rd time. The­re was a lar­ge terra­ce with a view of the spa valley. High­li­ghts of fes­ti­val events and goings-on were broad­cast each day. Visi­tors were also cate­red to with a rich, enter­ta­i­ning pro­gram. With the café down­stairs, it’s a mar­vellous pla­ce for a short break.

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