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Pop-Up Waiting-Room in Brno Lower Railway Station

This year our City modules bore out for the first time that even waiting can be pleasant. We built a state-of-the-art waiting-room at the Brno Lower Railway Station, which currently accommodates nearly 18,000 travellers each day. This serves as an auxiliary facility for rest and the refreshment of the visitors. But it has also another role, to bring this grandiose project for the construction of the main station and new south quarters to the people. A large project model has been set up in the waiting-room.

Classification:Special modules / City modules
Year of implementation:2019
Architect / Studio:KAM Brno_Ing.arch.Zajíček
Country of implementation:Czech Republic
Technical Specifications: Length of assembly: 1 day
Length of manufacture: 14 days
Number of modules: 8
Area: 120
Sales model:Lease
Note:CITY MODUL is for rent only

This year our City modu­les bore out for the first time that even wai­ting can be ple­a­sant. We built a sta­te-of-the-art wai­ting-room at the Brno Lower Rai­lway Stati­on, which current­ly accom­mo­da­tes near­ly 18,000 tra­vellers each day. This ser­ves as an auxi­li­a­ry faci­li­ty for rest and the refre­shment of the visi­tors. But it has also ano­ther role, to bring this gran­di­o­se pro­ject for the con­structi­on of the main stati­on and new sou­th quar­ters to the peo­ple. A lar­ge pro­ject model has been set up in the waiting-room.

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