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20th Anniversary of the Jihlava 2016 Documentary Film Festival and City modules

KOMA Lighthouse was the dominant feature of the 20th Jihlava 2016 Documentary Film Festival. Before the festival, it fulfilled the function of an information centre with café and during the festival, besides the café with an observation terrace, it also served as a place for workshops. The Lighthouse was supplemented with 4 City modules in which the organisers recalled the events of the previous years. In two City modules, Jihlava youth could test their knowledge of educational computer games.
Classification:Special modules / City modules
Year of implementation:2016
Country of implementation:Czech Republic
Technical Specifications: Length of assembly: 5 days
Length of manufacture: 5 days
Number of modules: 16
Area: 240
Product series: CityModul
Sales model:Lease
KOMA Ligh­thou­se was the domi­nant fea­tu­re of the 20th Jih­la­va 2016 Docu­men­ta­ry Film Fes­ti­val. Befo­re the fes­ti­val, it ful­filled the functi­on of an infor­mati­on cen­t­re with café and during the fes­ti­val, besi­des the café with an observati­on terra­ce, it also ser­ved as a pla­ce for workshops. The Ligh­thou­se was sup­ple­men­ted with 4 City modu­les in which the orga­ni­sers recalled the events of the pre­vi­ous years. In two City modu­les, Jih­la­va you­th could test the­ir knowled­ge of edu­cati­o­nal com­pu­ter games.
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