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First modular low-energy family house

Modular low-energy family house with vapour diffusion-open walls

Classification:Residential projects / Family houses
Year of implementation:2016
Country of implementation:Czech Republic
Technical Specifications: Length of manufacture: 4 weeks
Number of modules: 6
Area: 200
Product series: ComfortLine
Sales model:Sale
.In Halu­zi­ce in the area of the Whi­te Car­pathians, we built the first low-ener­gy modu­lar fami­ly hou­se with vapour dif­fusi­on-open walls. The enve­lo­pe of the fami­ly hou­se com­plies with pas­si­ve hou­se para­me­ters, but because the owner pre­ferred direct aerati­on using Car­pathian air for recu­per­a­ti­ve aerati­on, the hou­se is in the low-ener­gy cate­go­ry. The hou­se is equip­ped with other electro­nic gad­gets with the Smart Hou­se label.
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