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Refreshments and Facilities along the Cycle Path in Otrokovice

Modular bistro, information centre, and toilets along the cycle path in Otrokovice.

Classification:Catering projects / Fast food
Year of implementation:2022
Client:Město Otrokovice
Country of implementation:Czech Republic
Technical Specifications: Length of assembly: 3 weeks
Length of manufacture: 3 weeks
Number of modules: 5
Area: 70 m2
Product series: StandardLine
Sales model:Sale

Near the busy cycle path that runs along the Mora­va River from Otro­ko­vi­ce to Kro­mě­říž, the manage­ment of the town of Otro­ko­vi­ce deci­ded to cre­a­te a rest area. KOMA pro­vi­ded two modu­lar objects with woo­den faca­des. The fil­ling of ope­nings, ste­el cano­py, and other metal ele­ments are in the colour anthra­ci­te, har­mo­ni­ous­ly blen­ding into the surroun­ding environment.

The first set is divi­ded into 3 parts – the first part con­ta­ins the bis­tro and its faci­li­ties, inclu­ding toi­lets and sto­rage. The second and thi­rd parts are inter­con­nec­ted and form the spa­ce for the tou­rist infor­mati­on cen­ter and the sto­rage of Otro­ko­vi­ce Bese­da, which will orga­ni­ze vari­ous cul­tu­ral events the­re. The second set con­sists of toilets.

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